Finding Their Feet



// About:

When Kate meets Danny in an internet chat-room it looks like it could be the start of a beautiful friendship. But when Kate accidentally leaves her web-cam on, Danny can’t help spying on her dancing alone in her room.

Convinced that Kate has what it takes to be a success Danny makes it his personal mission to get Kate back on the stage. However as their friendship grows, Kate begins to suspect that Danny is not everything he claims to be.

Why did Kate give up dancing in public and what is Danny’s reason for being so convinced in Kate’s ability? Will they find the courage to be honest with each-other and themselves in this heart-warming coming of age story.

// Track Previews

// Track Listing:

1 Opening 3:46:00
2 Back and Forth 2:31:00
3 Where’s My Money 1:26:00
4 The Plan 0:53:00
5 Late Night Guest 2:33:00
6 The Audition 2:31:00
7 I Won’t Allow It 0:50:00
8 The Baddies 0:55:00
9 Never Give Up 4:14:00
10 I Need To Do It 0:58:00
11 Alleyway Chase 1:55:00
12 Encounter At The Park 1:45:00
13 The Letter 1:48:00
14 Registration 1:26:00
15 Preparation 1:30:00
16 Accomplishment 2:03:00



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