// Track Listing:

01. Invictus
02. Last Kill
03. Assemble A Crew
04. Heist
05. Prison
06. Cadet Chekov
07. Pursuit
08. The Mission
09. Stay True
10. Photons, Force Fields and Holo-Matter
11. Sabotage – Shree
12. In and Out Fast
13. Spirit Without Discipline
14. Battlestations
15. Renegades
16. Sacrifice
17. Tunnels of Syphon
18. One Way Trip
19. Out of the Night – Make This Fair
20. They're Up to Something – We Will Annihilate
21. Breaking Free – A Slow and Painful Death
22. I'll Stay
23. Forward
24. End Credits

Total Running Time: 1.3 hours
256 kbs .MP3


NOTE1: Currently, the only purchasing option is the digital download eAlbum through my store (If you find it on a store shelf, it is most definitely boot-legged.)


Music By:
Justin R. Durban

STR Trailer (Official)


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