Of Gods and Men



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Star Trek: Of Gods and Men*:

Forty years after their first mission, Chekov and Uhura, along with John Harriman, former Captain of the Enterprise-B, come together for the dedication of a very special ship.

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1 Main Titles – Act1
2 Data Clerk's Demise – Act1
3 Uhuras Log – Act1
4 Home Again – Act1
5 Charlie's Revenge – Act1
6 Capturing The Fox – Act1
7 The Needs Of The Many – Act1
8 The Calm Before The Storm – Act1
9 Approaching The Planet – Act1
10 Vulcan's Last Gleaming – Act1
11 End Credits – Act1
12 Intro – Act2
13 Mind Meld – Act2
14 I Just Know – Act2
15 The Escape – Act2
16 Countdown – Act2
17 Vulcan Tricks – Act2
18 Goodbye Old Friend – Act2
19 Hear Me – Act2
20 What's He Up To – Act2
21 Reunited – Act2
22 Intercept Course – OGAM Act2
23 How Powerful He Is – OGAM Act2
24 Showdown – OGAM Act2
25 Not On Board – OGAM Act2
26 Charlies Confession – OGAM Act2
27 Prepare for Execution – OGAM Act2
28 End Credits – OGAM Act2
29 Delay The Execution – OGAM Act3
30 Was I Wrong – OGAM Act3
31 The Battle Begins – OGAM Act3
32 Curate's Fleet – OGAM Act3
33 The Battle Continues – OGAM Act3
34 The Battle Concludes – OGAM Act3
35 Uhura's Final Entry – OGAM Act3
36 The Wedding – OGAM Act3
37 End Credits* – OGAM Act3

*This album contains original music themes composed by Jerry Goldsmith & Alexander Courage which can be downloaded free of charge. Copyright Paramount Pictures

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Director Hasan Karacadag argues that he tried to create a model of a Turkish-Islamic horror film and that he would make the world recognize this model, of which he sees “Semum” as the first example. “Semum” stars Ayça inci, Burak Hakki and Cem Kurtoglu in the lead roles and recounts the true story of a woman who lives in Izmir. “Semum” will be compared with “The Exorcist” and inci will be compared with Linda Blair, the director says, noting that the Turkish horror films made so far have been far from satisfactory. Written by today’s zaman Featuring Electric Cello by http://www.soloelectriccello.com/ Matthew Schoening

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1 A House For Sale 2 The Gardener 3 Inside The Mansion 4 Night Stroll 5 Playing 6 Poor Kitty 7 Breakfast 8 Exploring The Gardens 9 Banu's Theme 10 The Gardener And His Garbage 11 The Neighbor Visits 12 Something Is Watching 13 Accusing The Neighbor 14 Myths And Legends 15 Second Thoughts 16 Something In The Attic 17 Accidental Reverse 18 The Burial 19 Spying 20 Searching The Garden 21 The Painting 22 Possessed 23 Strange Things Are Happening 24 Coming Home 25 Apparitions At Dinner 26 Alone In The Dark 27 Spying Again 28 Damala In The Attic 29 A Creature Lurks Downstairs 30 Defending Canans Friend 31 Canan And Banu Have Lunch 32 She Is Not Alone 33 You Need Help 34 Buried Alive 35 Seeing The Doctor 36 Loosing Control 37 Vulkan Confronts Canan 38 Nightmare 39 Semum Closes In 40 Semum Takes Over Canan 41 She Needs More Than A Doctor 42 One Must Believe 43 Hodja Confronts Semum 44 Seeing Is Believing 45 Secrets Revealed 46 Going To Hell 47 Finding Banu 48 Black Magic 49 Banished 50 Agree To Disagree 51 End Credits
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09.26.16 - FU ST. Album is now free. enjoy it now until they shut me down too.

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01. Invictus 02. Last Kill 03. Assemble A Crew 04. Heist 05. Prison 06. Cadet Chekov 07. Pursuit 08. The Mission 09. Stay True 10. Photons, Force Fields and Holo-Matter 11. Sabotage - Shree 12. In and Out Fast 13. Spirit Without Discipline 14. Battlestations 15. Renegades 16. Sacrifice 17. Tunnels of Syphon 18. One Way Trip 19. Out of the Night - Make This Fair 20. They're Up to Something - We Will Annihilate 21. Breaking Free - A Slow and Painful Death 22. I'll Stay 23. Forward 24. End Credits Total Running Time: 1.3 hours 256 kbs .MP3 STR_CD_cover_fullspread-2 NOTE1: Currently, the only purchasing option is the digital download eAlbum through my EdgenStore.com store (If you find it on a store shelf, it is most definitely boot-legged.) NOTE2: Soundtrack is free until further notice. NEWS: 9.26.16 - Album is now free to the world. Enjoy. 12.14.16 - I have currently taken the OST to STR down indefinitely. Due to the CBS recent lawsuit, I just don't want to deal with the implications right now. Those who snagged the album, BAM, great job!! For those who haven't.. Perhaps later when the producers feel it's necessary to release the album. This also means the album will not be available as a donation perk.  Thank you everyone for your support in my music, and perhaps you'll hear me on the silver screen at another time and another dimension. 08.02.15 - STR OST is here! Enjoy.
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The Pacific War Suite
The Pacific War Suite


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Written and produced by Justin R. Durban, the Pacific War Suite is an original score created for the National Museum of the Pacific War’s new George H. W. Bush Gallery. Recorded at Ocean Way Nashville’s Studio A, Durban’s score – entitled “The Pacific War Suite” – featured a 48-piece ensemble of Nashville’s finest local studio musicians known as the Nashville String Machine, contracted by Carl Gorodetzky, as well as a 24-piece choir contracted by Stephanie Hall Wedan. Both were conducted by orchestrator Philip Klein. Orchestrations by Penka Kouneva & Philip Klein.

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1 Nimitz Suite 3:17:00 2 Prepare For War 3:11:00 3 Expanding Power 3:21:00 4 Pearl Harbor 3:02:00 5 Casualties Of War 3:06:00 6 The Road To Empire 3:10:00 7 Advancing Fleet 3:05:00 8 The Gathering Storm 3:01:00 9 Attack And Defend 3:11:00 10 Fallen Soldier 3:07:00 11 Fire In The Clouds 3:10:00 12 Hard Times 3:05:00 13 Doolittle Raid 3:00:00 14 The War Is Over 3:13:00 15 Victory Overture 3:08:00 16 Lest We Forget 3:14:00 (more info on the recording session...)
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